The Number of Choices in Metal Roofing Panels Is Steadily Growing

Years ago metal roofs were either costly and time consuming applications that few could afford or consisted of only a one size fits all type roofing panel. Those days fortunately are long gone. Today metal roofing choices are as numerous as most any other type of roofing material. It’s great to have choices when it comes to the type of roofing material you want, and metal roofing certainly gives you that.

Why do people choose metal roofing materials over less expensive roofing materials such as asphalt shingles? There are many reasons for that. Most have to do with durability but looks are starting to play a bigger role now that consumers are being offered more choices in this highly decorative roofing material.

The Different Types of Metal Roofs

These days there are two main styles of metal roofing that you can add to the roof at your home or business.

They are as follows:

Metal Roofing shingles

Although metal roofing shingles can give you similar looks to metal roofing panels most people do not use them for that purpose. These come in decorative patterns that closely mimic the looks of such very expensive roofing materials as black slate, tile and other specialty roofing shingles. The advantage you get with them is they are more durable than any other type of roofing shingle with the exception being synthetic shingle products.

These metal shingle products often have added layers on them too. These layers add to their durability and corrosion resistance.

Metal Roofing panels

Here are the most common types of metal roofing panels that you will find in the roofing products marketplace:

The Many Benefits of Metal Roofing

What are some of the better reasons for choosing decorative metal roofing materials? Here are a few of the main reasons why people prefer metal over other roofing products:

Metal Roofing Panels are Always a Great Choice

No matter what type of metal roofing panels you choose to place on your home or business’s roof you are making a wise choice. You just get so many benefits from them and they are such a durable and long lasting roofing material. If you are planning on owning your home for a while they often will prove to be the last roofing material you will ever have to put on your home. Metal roofing materials really are that good.

If you live in the Beaverton, Oregon area and are interested in adding high quality metal roofing materials, then you will need a reliable and reputable roofing contractor to install them for you. One of the best in the area at installing metal roofing products is Evergreen Renovations & Roofing. They have been satisfying metal roofing customers in Beaverton and the surrounding communities for many years now.

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